4th of July - Westport, Amsterdam


What is this about

The Amsterdam Climate Games is back … and this year it’s bigger, bolder, stronger.

Again you can take part in this mega action game with your own team. We promise an even bigger spectacle and better awards. The stakes are high with Amsterdam intending to expand its port in support of a growing fossil fuel industry. The city is siding with the losing team and playing more for profit and economic value than our climate and health! It’s time to interfere with the gameplay of politicians and companies and learn to take action and play the game ourselves! Your team’s goal is to secure a place in Climate Games history by winning one of our highly esteemed awards, while our goal together is to free Amsterdam from polluting industries.


There’s no such thing as clean coal. We're giving Holland a red card until all Dutch coal-fired power plants are shut down.

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Industrial agriculture

Intensive fossil fuel use is their play. Let’s make a move toward a climate-friendly food system.

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In the race to end fossil fuel dependency, companies are leaving oil slicks attempting to spin us out of control.

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Action Reports

We use Ushahidi to follow up on reports that are made during the preliminaries and the day of the Climate Games. You can use this app to anonymously report your moves.

For more information on how to use Ushahidi, so you can let everyone know you’re in it to win it, see our Tech Tips.

Back office phone number for texting or phoning in reports | 06-17743193 (only active on the 4th)

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Climate Games 2015 - Amsterdam - Trailer (full) from wijstoppensteenkool on Vimeo.

How to play

Players form their own teams and develop a gaming strategy in order to obtain an award for their bravery, solidarity, creativity or impact! Make your move on the playing field and show Amsterdam that these polluting industries must be stopped! You’ll create evidence of your team’s move(s) via photos or video and our Tech Team will keep track of how the teams are doing.

But, players beware! The Blue Team is out there to make your task as challenging as possible. Prepare your strategy beforehand and know how much you’re willing to risk. We encourage all levels of participation. Which category will your team dominate?

Why we play

We learn by doing. The climate crisis makes it necessary for us to take action ourselves against the huge stake that Amsterdam’s harbour has in industries that are contributing to the threat of runaway climate change.

By playing the Climate Games for just one day around the western harbour, we can directly resist the moves of industries and companies within Amsterdam that are supporting a scenario in which we surpass 2 degrees of global warming. To learn more about why we play, read our official statement, and check out our section on coal, industrial agriculture and oil.

Step by step


Form a team and choose a name

Teams are created by yourselves. When creating a team with your comrades, remember that the Blue Team might be your opponent. Therefore it’s wise to have a team of 4 to 6 people. In this way you can work in twos or threes (buddies), and it’s not too hard to hide. We wouldn’t recommend you to play alone, so there’s always another person who knows where you are. If you’d like to participate in the Climate Games, but you are unable to form a team yourself, you will be able to join a team before hand at one of our info-points on the day of or you might be able to find teammates at the Ground Control action camp in the days leading up to the 4th. Sign up on the scoreboard and let the games begin!


Prepare your materials

Design your own team logo. Cut it out as a stencil and spray paint the logo on a piece of fabric (eg. 60x40cm). Attach a flag pole to the fabric and voilà! Hint: think of a smart solution for the flag pole(s), eg. tent sticks are lightweight and foldable. Or use your flags without flag poles and just tie them onto places with just some rope.

Maps of the playing field are available so you can study the location, choose your tactics and prepare your own game plan.


Participate in the preliminary round

The preliminaries will begin on the 10th of May. From then on teams can already earn extra points by taking action to promote and draw attention to the Climate Games. Get creative and grab the attention of local and national news networks, online newspapers and writers. Spread the word on social media (#climategames) and poster/flyer/sticker your local area to get people talking and acting!!


Choose your starting location for the Climate Games

The playing field is situated at the Westerlijk Havengebied (western harbour area) of Amsterdam between the ferry to Zaandam, subway station Isolatorweg and train station Sloterdijk. But the Blue Team knows this too of course. Therefore it might be wise to think of a better starting location or route to enter the playing field.



Take pictures of the flag(s)/sticker(s)/ which are planted by your team or gather other (anonymous) evidence (see Tech Tips).


Stick together and have a review session

It’s very important to stick together during the game play. You might decide to split up for a while in doubles, but make sure you are able to keep track of the situation and location of your other team members. Ensure that nobody gets left behind and always stick to your buddy. Once the games are over, it’s always valuable to reflect with your team about the day and how things went. The Victory Party is a great place for this and you can speak with other teams and share tactics for future editions of the Climate Games.


THE PRELIMINARIES HAVE BEGUN!! Teams are encouraged to officially sign up for the Climate Games, but it’s definitely not a requirement! Feel free to provide your team name and the reason your team is participating and we’ll add it to the list!

Sign up now

Rubberduck Armada

We want to hear the port say “You’ve sunk my battleship”

Vegan Grillmasters

We bring the heat without the meat! Animal agriculture is responsible for a huge amount of greenhouse gas emissions. The majority of imported soy is processed into animal feed, so wasteful! Instead of eating the animals, come and enjoy a delicious vegan snack!

Coal Busters

If there’s something dirty burning in your neighbourhood? Who ya gonna call? COAL BUSTERS!

Team Red

Team Red Square, reporting for battle. We've been beaten, we've been sued. It's time to kick some asses ourselves. This is the students of the New University joining the fight for planet Earth. Looking forward to speaking the buzz during the preliminaries and planning something great for the day of! Awesome initiative, thank you so much for hosting this.

Team Koolgirls

We, the Koolgirls, will bring entertainment and support with our project: "Koolcreatie”
Koolcreatie brings: koolwerpen, jeux de kool, Koolleybal, Monokooly and a picknick with Koola and Koolkoekies and other kool stuff. We want to involve as many people possible to join the picknick, to play the games and to create an audience that the Climate Games deserves.

Team "The Fellowship of the Wind"

Greendalf and a fellowship of brave hobbits will travel to the dark lands of Morecoal to destroy the evil lord Saunuon. Let's hope Windmaster Molo and his good friend Samtex Gamgee don't get caught.

Team "Bloody Oil"

Drilling for oil kills animals, people and nature.

Team "Divestment Donuts" – Keep the Coal in the Hole

All these polluting industries are backed up by powerful investors. Who? They might be closer than you think. We say: Not for long! Cos we just love the way you move your assets....

Team   S-PA-RK

Our aim is to share the energy the sun is giving us for free during the #ClimateGames. With a little help from modern technologie no need for smoking towers.

Team Beats Against Coal

As part of the Climate Games, on 4th of July hundreds of people will take action against a dirty coal plant in Amsterdam!
We will be there, we will be loud! Prepare yourself for a massive rave against coal!
We have a solar powered movable soundsystem and we will take it to the streets.
We will be loud against the dirty coal madness!
Invite your friends and dance along!

Join the event on facebook

Team Milieudefensie Zaanstreek

Local group Milieudefensie Zaanstreek is participating in the games by flying kites with slogans, calling for the closure of the coal fired Hemweg power plant.

Check out our website

Team Tunsel-Transition-Tornados

Announcing the Tunsel-Transition-Tornados as a participating team for the climate games, hope you are all doing well and see you @ your beautiful city-harbour ;O)

Kommando Hayduke

Last year we were also there, running around. This year we are going freaking mental.

The "Tree Musketeers"

We believe that a good deed can make a difference. Together we will make a difference... All for one... and one for all...

Peppie en Kokkie

Peppie en Kokkie zijn boos. De boeven van de steenkolencentrale pompen CO2 de lucht in zodat de aarde opwarmt. Maar Peppie en Kokkie hebben deze keer een waterdicht plan. Ze gaan hun defunctioneer apparaat gebruiken. Dat zal ze leren.

The Black Lungs Team

We will be doing a very gentle action.

We will walk straight up to the front gate- coughing A LOT because of all the poison that the coal plant emits- and then all collapse on the floor. And when the police ask us to move on, we will move on. And have lunch or something.

If you and your friends would like to join us, please do, everyone is welcome. Some people are bringing their children (who may be dancing with us under their own banners), some people are bringing their grandparents (who probably won't be doing much dancing).

This is intended to be entirely peaceful.The only things you need to bring with you are a white t-shirt, which we will paint together, and loads of acting talent. We are going to meet at the bus stop just south of Sloterdijk Station at 10.30 on Saturday morning. We'll definitely be done by lunch, the power plant is only 2km from the station.

Team "dirty lil monkeys"

Team "dirty lil monkeys" brings you good news! As part of the Climate Games preliminaries, we decided to do some awareness raising and placed an 8 by 3 m banner above the ten-lane highway at "Knooppunt Lunetten", Utrecht. The banner was in place at 7:20am, rush hour, and visible for tens of thousands of people.

We look forward to the event on Saturday! The big industries and cooperations play it dirty - alright, lets play it dirty. Venceremos! Greetings and salutations, dirty lil' monkeys

Team Hambi Climate Justice


climate games gif


awards Effective Action Award

Awarded to the team who makes a courageous move resulting in a significant impact. Think CO2 reductions!

awards Tactical Innovation Prize

Awarded to the team who devises and executes the most innovative gameplay.

awards Distinguished Identity Medal

Awarded to the team who captures within their game play the originality of their team’s identity. Think photo-ops, costumes, props, logos!

awards Trophy for Supportive Play

Awarded to the team who exemplifies the spirit of solidarity in their gaming strategy. Think diverting the Blue Team to help another team succeed.

awards Another World Is Possible

Awarded to the team that exemplifies real solutions for the future. Think alternatives such as degrowth, permaculture and transition town as opposed to carbon markets, geo-engineering and GMOs.

Tech Tips

Social Media

Once the Climate Games has begun (including the preliminaries), you can upload your evidence/photos via social media or email our Tech Team who can put them online anonymously. In this way everybody can follow the game and see how other teams are doing.

Here you’ll find some technical tips and tricks about using social media safely for uploading your pictures. Because you don’t want the Blue Team tracking your location, do you? Here some tips to start with:

  • Creating a new Facebook and/or Twitter account for your team

    In this way you’re not using your own private Facebook account to upload photos or other evidence to score points. However be sure that your teams Facebook account is not linked in any way with your private account. So don’t create your teams Facebook account with your private email address.

  • Buy a new prepaid SIM card with data for less than €10

    By using a new SIM during the Climate Games it’s more difficult to track your private cell phone number which may lead to your identity. Be careful when using a new SIM card in your smartphone, as your phone may still contain private information, such as contacts, phone numbers, messages, Whatsapps, and maybe even automatic login to your private Facebook account. It’s even better to use a totally new smartphone which you can use for data, internet and camera. You can buy one for around € 50 euro (eg. this Samsung).


See the report

We use Ushahidi to follow up on reports that are made during the day. You can use this app to anonymously report events at the Climate Games.

  1. Download the app from the Play Store or Itunes, search for “Ushahidi”
  2. Open the app and choose in the upper right corner “+” and “Add Map By URL”
  3. Enter a name (Climate Games Amsterdam 2015) and description and the URL https://www.climategames.nl/report
  4. Choose the newly added map

Follow all events or add new events at Climate Games map: https://www.climategames.nl/report


Send an email

Of course we don’t want to exclude people who are not familiar with social media and smartphones or who have no trust in using them during the Climate Games. They to are able to play the game and score points as well. Some hints for them:

  • Use a standard digital camera and send your photos in an e-mail to report@climategames.nl and we’ll put them online. Don’t forget to mention your team name, so you can score extra points when other people Like/Share/Retweet your photos. Again, it’s wise to use a new e-mail address.
  • During the Climate Games there’ll be observers walking/cycling around the playing area who might take a picture of your action when you ask them. The observers will send this to our jury.


What could happen to me?

Taking part in the Climate Games is not without any risks. You could end up with a bad cut in your pants or have your new shoes muddied. Think about how to prevent this beforehand. You should also think about what could happen if you accidentally cross a forbidden road. The Blue Team might try to put you back on the right track, and so it might be wise to have to telephone number of the Legal Team. The Legal Team will monitor possible arrests and have contact with the lawyer. If you have questions about the legal situation in the Netherlands you can send them an e-mail at ag@climategames.nl (pgp possible) or find them at the Ground Control Camp. The number is +31 (0) 6-85500797. Lawyer contact will be Willem Jebbink +31 (0)6-55791837.

Come to cheer!

If you don’t want to participate in a team, you’re more than welcome to come and cheer on the playing teams! There will be at least one central location where everybody can gather. At this info-point we’ll keep up with the teams and their moves in a fun way. Teams can also come to this central location for a rest or retreat. Visitors, passersby, press and media are welcome to get extra information about the Climate Games, the polluting industries in the harbour and Amsterdam’s plan for expanding these dirty industries at this central location.


Schedule of events

Date Time Location Facebook event
May 2th 20.00 - 21.00 Vrijplaats Leiden http://tinyurl.com/n72yv68
May 7th 19.30 De Kargadoor in Utrecht http://tinyurl.com/oaebact
May 7th 15.45 - 17.00 GroenFront! Gathering: Tegengas in Groningen http://tinyurl.com/md4x9l9
May 10th 18.30 Nieuwland in Amsterdam http://tinyurl.com/mm5sgwh
May 20th 18.30 De Klinker in Nijmegen http://tinyurl.com/lg29amu
May 26th 18.30 Nieuwland in Amsterdam http://tinyurl.com/mc5gryr
June 11th 19.00 Joe's Garage in Amsterdam

Help us out

There are a lot of things to tackle while organising the Climate Games: info-nights, the spreading of PR material, promotion on social media, logistics and planning during the games and help with the after party and action camp. We’d be happy to have your helping hands! Contact us if you’re interested in volunteering. There’s lots to do!

Ground Control

Don’t miss the agriculture & climate action camp taking place near Amsterdam on July 1th-8th 2015! The programme will feature a balanced mix between practical workshops and activities and discussions. So, pack your tents and get ready for action!

ground control camp

Victory Party

Award Ceremony and Victory Party

Join us for an evening that fuses delicious food with groovy vibes, the ultimate award ceremony of the year, and wild tunes that will make you dance until you drop. Dinner will be supplied by the illustrious Kollektief Rampenplan, Grassmoawer (Wageningen) will overwhelm the Ground Control camp with their disturbingly energetic mixture of klezmer, balkan, punk and rock. Loca Tangata (Paris) will take us on a journey among the wise and the foolish with their rhythm and melody, and DJ Rengo Estar (Amsterdam) will finish the party spinning ska, reggae, cumbia and other groovy music from the heart.

Programme (July 4th)

18:00 Dinner by Kollektief Rampenplan
20:00 Grassmoawer
21:30 Winning team award ceremony (with confetti)
Loca Tangata
DJ Rengo Estar
01:30/02:00 end


Contact details

Back office public: 06-17743193
Press contact: 06 83364101 / 06-33323167
Police contact: 0644721105

Find us on social media